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Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

Monkey Business: A Clever Tale of Trickery and Temptation

There once lived a cunning monkey who resided on a treetop high above a luscious jungle. One day, the monkey was wandering around the jungle when he spotted a big bunch of ripe bananas hanging from a tree. The monkey's mouth watered at the sight of the juicy fruit, and he immediately climbed up the tree to get his hands on them.

But the bananas were hanging just out of the monkey's reach. The monkey stretched and stretched, but he couldn't quite reach them. The monkey was determined to get his hands on the bananas, but he couldn't come up with a solution.

Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

Just then, a crocodile appeared in the river beneath the tree. The monkey had an idea and shouted down to the crocodile, "Hey, my friend! Would you be able to help me get those bananas?"

The crocodile replied, "Of course, monkey. I can help you get those bananas, but you'll have to give me something in return."

Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

The monkey was a clever animal and knew that the crocodile wanted to eat him, so he quickly thought of a plan. "Sure, I'll give you some bananas in return, but first, I need to check if they are ripe. Can you take me across the river so that I can check them?"

The crocodile agreed, and the monkey hopped onto his back. As they were crossing the river, the crocodile's greed got the best of him, and he thought to himself, "Why should I let the monkey have all the bananas? I'll just eat him and take the bananas for myself."

Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

However, the monkey was one step ahead and noticed the crocodile's intentions. "Hey, Mr. Crocodile, do you know what I just realized? I left my heart back in the tree where the bananas are! Can you take me back so that I can get it?"

The crocodile, not suspecting anything, turned back and took the monkey to the tree. The monkey quickly jumped off the crocodile's back and scampered up the tree, leaving the crocodile behind.

Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

From the safety of the tree, the monkey taunted the crocodile, "You should have never trusted me, Mr. Crocodile! Remember, never underestimate the power of a clever monkey!"

The crocodile learned his lesson that day, and the monkey enjoyed a delicious feast of ripe bananas, safe and sound in his tree.

Coloring page of the monkey and the banana story

Days went by, and the monkey went about his usual business in the jungle. However, the crocodile was still nursing his grudge against the monkey. He was determined to get his revenge on the clever monkey.

One day, the crocodile decided to lay a trap for the monkey. He went to the tree where the monkey lived and called out to him, "Hey, monkey! I have some delicious fruits that I want to share with you. Come down from your tree and let's have a feast!"

The monkey was wary but also curious. He had never been invited to a feast by a crocodile before. He climbed down from his tree and went to the riverbank, where the crocodile was waiting.

As soon as the monkey got close, the crocodile snapped his jaws shut, hoping to trap the monkey. But the monkey was too quick for him. He jumped back and climbed up the nearest tree.

The crocodile was angry and frustrated. "You may have escaped this time, monkey, but I will get you one day!" he shouted after the monkey.

From that day on, the monkey was always on his guard. He knew that the crocodile was out to get him, and he had to be careful.

Months passed, and the crocodile never gave up his plan to get the monkey. One day, he came up with a new plan. He pretended to be sick and called out to the monkey, "Oh, monkey, please help me! I am very sick and need some medicine. Can you get me some leaves from that tree across the river?"

The monkey was hesitant at first, but he felt sorry for the crocodile and decided to help him. He climbed onto the crocodile's back and began to swim across the river.

Halfway across, the crocodile opened his jaws to bite the monkey. But the monkey was ready for him. He quickly climbed up the crocodile's snout and jumped onto the other side of the river.

The crocodile was furious. He had been outwitted by the clever monkey once again. He decided to give up his plan to get the monkey and left the jungle, never to be seen again.

The monkey had learned a valuable lesson. He realized that in the jungle, one had to be smart and always on guard. From that day on, he lived a happy life in his tree, eating ripe bananas and keeping an eye out for any danger that may come his way.